The one-day course on December 3rd will have you unleashed in your professional career.


Who is this course for?

Accomplished and successful people who are NOT satisfied or fulfilled even though they seem to “have it all”.

Attorney and Transformational Leader Sherene De Palma has led courses to thousands of people.

She’ll lead you and ten others in a conversation dedicated to the quality of your life - from now, this moment, until the moment you take your last breath.

Every day you say to yourself “tomorrow will be different”.

Most of us go through life getting through it. We try hard. We experience rare moments of joy and fulfillment in our careers that often seem accidental, coincidental, or like “the stars were aligned.” But what if there were more to life and your work than just making it through from one day to the next?

You inch along, hoping for something better. You’re always “getting there”. You want to fully enjoy your life, BUT:

You have too much going on

The timing isn’t right

It’s not realistic

Other people just don’t get it

You don't know where to start

Maybe your best days are behind you

If any of these reasons ever gets in your way, this is for you.

“Sherene has nothing short of magical powers.”

“Her warmness gives you a safe place to open up, and her tenacity ensures that you create an iron-clad plan to unlock and live your dreams. I have never witnessed so many humans flower under the teachings of someone like Sherene.”

Andrea Sullivan,

Chief Marketing Officer

Vayner X

(Gary Vaynerchuk’s family of companies)

Live every day experiencing enjoyment and success.

There is a life available where you achieve the results you want AND enjoy yourself. Uncover how, now. Come discover a new way of life. It’s time. This is it.

Only $499.00

Be your Self, finally.

There is a version of you that has been dying to live your life - to enjoy your Self. This course is an invitation to that Self.

Secure your spot now.

No more going through the motions for you. Come get the secrets to interrupt the business as usual that has become your life. Let’s go!

Only $499.00

Online Course

Dec. 3rd, 2022 - 10am to 4pm

Full Course through Zoom



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